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  • Sharing Vienna Libraries across different macs

    This is a question about sharing identical files across two different macs, NTM and AH, owned by myself and my co-writer in our separate homes Currently we both use Digital Performer 7.24 on identical G5 PPC Quads, under OS X 10.5.8, each fitted with a sonnet PCIe card and a caddy for three extra drives, as shown in Fig A. [IMG][/IMG] OS and VIs live on System, our DP projects live on Projects, the two bootable drives, and our identical Vienna and Mach5 libraries live on Library1 and Library2 in identical directory structures. (Library3 is really a back-up and other stuff cupboard) We share our tracks to and fro over the interweb via dropbox, and this all works fine for both of us in both directions. So far so good. BUT We now want to upgrade one of the PPC quads so we can use that Fraunhofer MP3 real time codec, and other sexy intel mac only stuff at the mastering stage And, at the composition and editing stage, we still want to be able to share to and fro as in Fig A. So my question is, can we do this as shown in Fig B ? [IMG][/IMG] Assuming we keep all the drive names (and therefore paths, presumably ?) the same, can we still share as before, even tho’ our macs are no longer identical ? ie, will Vienna Instruments, DP and Mach5 behave as before on the identical machines in Fig A ? (Yes, I know ideally we would get two identical mac pros, but we can’t afford that.) And also, by the way, the NTM mac also has a UAD1 PCIe card with an EMT 140 plate reverb on it, would this also go in a mac pro ? And can I just swap the library1 and library2 drives from the G5 to the Mac Pro?