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  • Start/Stop Transport Space Bar NOT working with VEPRO 5 AND PT 10

    Hi, using latest version of Server connected to Protools 10 HD. Start/Stop Transport WORKS when i click on the icon, but not when i press the space bar. This same setup works as expected when Cubase is the host. Mac OSX 10.6.8/Mac Pro 6 core Westmere/Protools 10/Logic 9.1.6/Cubase 6.05

  • Hello dmuckala, 

    Yes, unfortunately that is still a bug we have to fix with PT, it´s in the works. 

    The Space Bar works if you are connected to a Server machine with VE PRO, but unfortunately not if your VE PRO Server is on the same machine. 

    Thanks for your patience, we´re on it!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL