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  • Sequences in VIpro

    Hello all,

    I just installed VIpro 2 and updated the library via the directory manager. I rather expected to find some preset sequences in the sequencer. I know you have to make your own but a starting point or some examples would have been nice. Am I mistaken and there are no presets? If there are, how do I get to them? Open and Import just take me to empty folders.

    Thanks, cheers, Bob.

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    Hi Bob,

    We have actually included quite some presets and matrices, you find them in the new "VI PRO" folders after you have applied the Library Updates.

    Please also check out our Video Tutorials for VI PRO 2.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul,

    Thank you so much for getting back to me on this. I am afraid I still am unable to find any sequences or runs. I have installed all I could possibly install from update files to the library in my user area. I have loaded them via the directory manager (dragging the exec files onto the directory manager) and also copied the folder SE Inspiration Presets to my VSL Custom Data folder in the Users/shared area. In VIPro2 under Preset I now have 3 items

    Special edition preset files, Epic Orchestra preset files and SE Inspiration presets

    Opening the first gives me

    VI PRO-2 chord presets, VI PRO-2 presets, VI inspiration presets and VI presets

    Only under chords do I find some sequences (chords actually)

    Under VI Pro-2 presets I find a lot of preset files but no sequences or runs and the same under VI presets.


    Thanks, Bob.

    Some additional observation: I also loaded the matrix file from the matrix tab under VI PRO-2 matrices, 01 Violins Chamber, SE VI-6 02_leg-speed. Under preset information it says: Matrices 11-32 use internal sequencer. But there is only 1 matrix in the preset. Under sequencer view it says: sequencer mode is switched off, and in the left column there are supposedly 3 sequences Seq1-3, but nothing is there, all is empty.

  •  Most of the presets have the first default matrix as basic, where there are no sequences, make sure you select a new matrix such as repetition or runs etc. and also the matrices default to all the sounds muted.  I find it is best to go to the sequence editor to see what articulations that sequence is using, and double click all the relevant cells to make sure the sequence will play right. Otherwise you would need to switch all the cells on, and some of those matrices are huge (144 cells).

    I don't think the Epic Orchestra has any sequences associated to it.

  • Thank you for your reply andyjh. Unfortunately I am lost.

    First possibility: I go to presets in the righthand column. There I can only choose things like for instance SE DB-10 Preset VIPRO and that will give me a matrix (one), no choices between basic and other, no runs no sequences. When I go to the sequencer window it says it is off.

    Second possibility: I go to matrix in the right hand column. There I can choose between (1) VI PRO2 chord matrices, for instance SE 12 So-Str Cho-rep, which just gives chords or chords with repetitions, (2) VI PRO2 matrices where I can choose for instance SE VI 32 arpeggios. This however is always the same arpeggio for all the other instruments too. The other two variants which pop up are basic and leg-speed. No runs.

    So in total the only run I have been able to find is this simple 4 note up-down arpeggio.

    I am hoping there is more, but I am unable to find it.

    Thanks again, cheers, Bob.

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    Hi songman,

    The runs in the new sequences are based on the new "slur" articulations, I´m afraid these are not included with the Special Editions, but only in the bigger DVD Collections (Extended Library) and Download Instruments (Extended Library).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your reply. That explains it then. I have ordered the Appassionata I + II DVD collection. I take it runs and sequences will be included there then.

    Best regards, Bob.