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  • Output of an stereo instance within VE Pro

     Hi all
    I have a question re the output of an stereo instance within VE Pro
    I use Sonar 8.5 and used VE Pro as VST within Sonar .I route all the VIs in a stereo instance of the VE pro to master bus of the VE pro (output 1&2). When I play an instrument , I can hear the sound and the master bus in my Sonar ( set to output 1&2 of my soundcard) also receives the signal. I assume that the output from the VE pro is routed to the master bus of the Sonar?

    When I change the output of the master bus within VE Pro to output 3&4, I did not hear any sound from the output 3&4 of my sound card even though I change the output of Sonar masterbus to output 3&4 of my soundcard . Where is the signal from the output 3&4 of the VE pro master bus routed to ?

    Can someone explain how the output from the VE pro is routed? Thanks for your help


  • Caveat: I know nothing about routing in Sonar, but:

    The output of your Sonar master bus ought to be irrelevant to VE Pro. It's the input that changed. the routing ought to be:

    1. Route within VE Pro to 3&4 (check the mixer to make sure that the sounds are going to 3&4)
    2. Make sure that there is some input in Sonar for VE Pro 3&4
    3. Route this input in Sonar to your master bus
    4. Route your master bus to 3&4 on your soundcard.

    You should now be getting the signal on 3&4 of the soundcard. Make sure that this is routed to your speakers, or you will still hear nothing. [;)]