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  • New RoomPacks for MIR PRO only?

    Hello everybody,

    just two short questions:

    Do the new Roompacks dated December 2011 work with MIR PRO only or do they apply to MIR 1.3 (1860) as well?

    Do the new versions provide significant changes compared to the earlier versions of the RoomPacks?

    Kind Regards

  • Anyone?

    Slight correction: I was wanting to refer to the new RoomPacks dated November 2011, not December 2011.

  • Sorry, your enquiry somehow escaped my attention.

    Assuming that you already have Version 2 of your RoomPacks, there's no need to download them again for "legacy" Vienna MIR 1.3 right now. The changes of the most recent releases are only important for Vienna MIR Pro. There will be an update for some Venues in the near future that will include corrections for small inconsistencies, though - they might be useful to have for Vienna MIR 1.3, too.

    BTW - as an owner of a "legacy" Vienna MIR license you are entitled to upgrade to MIR Pro for very little money (... actually it's free when you're already have VE Pro 5). ->

    Kind regards,


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Regarding the venues for Vienna Pro: I noticed the possibility of a double choose of the Studio 2 and Studio 3 (Rommpack 2) in the venue selection. Why? You can select the venue 4 times, but there is a different only in control room view and wide. Did I overlook something? Kind regards Frank

  • Have you left older versions of the same RoomPack on your system, by any chance?

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I don't think so, I created a special folder for the "new" venues of MIR Pro, which I choosed in preferences. During the installation process of the room packs I took care to choose this folder path (MIR Pro venues) to avoid some mess. Now your question telling me, I didn't avoid it, obviously...Could be too, the couple of fast following updates after release did some mess. I remember, the venue "card" didn't look like this way at the first time. In the folder itself everything looks normal; for every venue one file only. I have to admit, I installed the updated venues for the legacy MIR 1.3. after all (some days ago). I took care for the right path during installation (in this case MIR), but I'm quite unshure now, maybe there went something wrong. How should it look like in the folders? Thanks in advance for your help. Frank

  • Frank, please send a screen-shot of your Venue Selection window to our support, with something like "for Dietz" in the subject line.

    ... when you look at the Revision-numbers - are they all the same? (Look out for something like "r137" left of "City" in the Venue's description field).

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks for the quick reply, will do it! Frank

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    You're welcome!

    @Dietz said:


    ... when you look at the Revision-numbers - are they all the same? (Look out for something like "r137" left of "City" in the Venue's description field).

    ... actually I meant to say: "Are they all the same within a RoomPack?" Of course, different RoomPacks will have different Revision-numbers.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Ah, so it gets more clear now. (overlooked the very little number in the corner.) MIR Pro is reading for unknown reasons the legacy MIR folder, although the folder path in preferences I choose different - MIR PRO. I've been careful after reading of the different in programing in MIR and MIR Pro. So everything is strictly separated. Now the question is only, how can I get MIR PRO to read the correct folder :-) ? And really thanks for replying here on sunday, 3. advent! Frank

  • Oh! You're saying that you have assigned _one_ discrete path for the Venue Folder in the Preferences of MIR Pro, but it still reads more than one ..? 8-/ ... if that's the case then we will have to look into it.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Seems to me with installing the update 9753 the folder path is - unfortunataly - fixed. I've made the screenshots and will send them right now. Can I do the following without any risk? I will try to exchange the content of the folders, if I can change the folder path in legacy MIR than I have a workaround for it.

  • Changing paths can be done without any risk.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Ok, after removing th folder with the MIR pro Room Packs into the legacy MIR folder I've got the message I have to reinstall the VE Pro/MIR Pro application, 'cause the app couldn't find the default venue anymore. So, no worry, reinstalled MIR Pro 9753 - and everything is fine now. Legacy MIR read the two room packs version 1 and 2, MIR Pro the only one for itself. Thinking about I've found the culprit: The folder with the MIR Pro roompacks didn't content the default.vmi. (the roompacks are a separate installation). Seems to me now, the most important thing is: The roompack folder for MIR Pro must be in the same folder of the default.vmi (or this file has to be a part of the content of the whole roompack folder.) So problem solved - thanks again for helping me!! Best Frank

  • Yes, you're right about the Default.VMI - that's the famous "opening screen" of MIR and MIR Pro and some kind of placeholder for all other VMI's.

    ... good to hear that this issue could be solved by yourself. Thanks for your effort!

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library