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  • Setup question for Cubase users


    Considering Logic to Cubase switch for several reasons, going through trial version. Since now I have the possibility to use more than 16 MIDI channels in VEP (even in version 4), I also need more audio outputs from VEP in order to keep mixing inside the DAW (remote controlling VEP is still a pain imho). I got 64 audio outputs with no complaints from Cubase, and I'd like to know if other people are working with so many audio channels without problems in Cubase (on Mac OSX Snow Leopard).


  • I use 64 per instance, without a problem (in Windows, but it shouldn't make any difference). I did some tests a while back using only one instance for my template, rather than 6, and didn't have a problem, but switched back to 6 instances, because it made very little CPU/ASIO difference, and was easier to navigate.


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    Thanks. I went a bit more into specifics in a new thread.