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  • World Premiere of Christmas Chimes

    hi, This composition for 2 pianos was presented originally last year as a sampled piano piece on the VSL Imperial piano combined with the VSL Bosendorfer on the 2nd piano. It is a work based on some traditional Christmas melodies. Just to update: Currently a dozen duo professional pianists are planing to perform it, and the world premiere will be this Saturday Dec 10 (or was Dec 10th if you are reading this after the 10th), in Montreal at Vincent D'Indy performed by the duo pianists: Julia Valero/Fernando Saint-Martin. So just wanted to mention this. 






  • Very wonderful, as always =)  I can't even pick a favorite, all the renditions are quite clever and well done.

  • Hi Guy,

    Great news! I hope the performance went well. The piece is lovely!


  • Thanks guys! :- )

  • The piano sound and performance are both remarkable. If someone would play this piece to me without saying it is a sampled piano, I would believe it to be a "real"  recording. Outstanding production.

    P.S. I have just listened to the piece as a whole. This is such a freshly strange and original set of piano variations, I can't help thinking of Diabelli-Variations when listening to this piece.

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