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  • how do i program a patch to only sound in certain zones?

    this may not be the right place to ask, i am new to VSL, i just got Ensemble Pro 5, I can't find any info on this, how do i program a tympani to sound only from e2-a3? I am pretty familiar with kontakt5 and most other soft synths and zones and layering, anoone willing to share? david

  •  Are you talking about:

    1. Vienna Instruments
    2. Vienna Instruments Pro
    3. None of the above


  • vienna ensemble pro 5 with the epic orchestra

  •  You haven't answered the all the questions. Am I to assume that you're using regular Vienna instruments? Because if so, AFAIK there is no easy way of doing what you want.


  • ah, ensemble pro 5 come with Epic Orchestra, it's like a sampler pak of some VS sounds, i was afraid you would say that there was no easy way though

  • Yes, I know, but VE pro is the host, Vienna Instruments player is the player, a bit like Kontakt player, but only for Vienna Instruments.

    If you can explain a little bit more about why you want to reduce the range, i might be able o offer an easy workaround.


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