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  • I just had to

    I was taking a break, thinking about Christmas and some of my favorite music.  So I popped open my laptop and went to Youtube so I could listen to Panis Angelicus.  I came across the version of Juan Diego Florez.  I listened to it and thought that was one nice performance.  I decided to listen to it again, and I almost crapped my pants.  The first 5 seconds is a complete, symphony and audience shot of the entire hall.  My mind told me instantly, dang, that really looks like the hall in my MIR program.  I looked up and sure enough, it said he was performing in Vienna!  It was in the Konzarthaus - Grossersaal.

    If you want a non-disputable setup of how they do the orchestra for world class performances, this is a perfect real life screenshot.  Loaded with all the instruments and choir.  To bad he stood a little to far from the mic because he got over powered a few times by the orchestra and choir.  Otherwise, it is a stellar singing performance.

    Congrats Dietz and team, what an incredible job you did immitating this hall.  It looks exactly the same in MIR as in real life.

    Hope you enjoy,


  • Link, please! ;-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Perhaps this is it?:

  • Yes that it is the one!  Is that cool or what!!  i am having so much more fun with MIR Pro than I ever did with regular MIR.  And to see this today just made my day.  Other than my samples, MIR is the best product I have ever purchased for my music.  It has made the ease of good sound so incredibly easy now!  Definitely designed for the musician.