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  • 32 Midi ports in RTAS?


    The manual says that you can have up to 32 midi ports with RTAS. I start the VEP 64 bit server, change the preferences to 32 Midi Inputs, start Pro Tools, then I set-up the VEPro plugin in Pro Tools, (preferences shows 32 Midi Inputs); in VE Pro, 32 ports are available to be assigned. However, when I want to assign a midi track in PT to a VE Pro midi port, it shows only 16 Midi ports are available.

    How can I make Pro Tools see the other 16 midi ports that are available in VE Pro?


  • Due to a bug in Pro Tools it's actually not possible to have more than 16 MIDI ports, that's why I disallowed more in the RTAS plugin at this point. Note that 16 MIDI ports equals a whopping 256 MIDI channels :).

  • Thanks for your reply Karel. Do you think this will be solved soon? by AVID Pro tools?

    Its a pity not to be able to use those 16 extra midi ports (32 total) that are available in VEP. It will reduce the number of VEP instances dramatically.

  • Actually, the current version supports up to 48 MIDI ports even. I'll put it on the todo list to check whether PT10 still has this bug and will remove the limitation if so. Thanks for reminding me.

  •  Thanks Karel. If 48 midi ports work, I will upgrade to PT10 immediately [:)]


    Jean Paul

  •  Hi Karel,

    Does the new VEP update remove the limitation of 16 midi ports from Pro Tools (RTAS), which was due to a bug in PT9? It would be great if we can use all 32 or 48 midi ports within one VEP instance.



  • It appears that this is still a limitation inside of PT. I don't mind using two or more instances, but it would be a big help if there was a what to customize the name of the MIDI inputs that appear in the MIDI track input list. Currently, it collates the two instances by port (VEP 1 1, VEP 2 1, VEP 1 2, VEP 2 2). If allow us to customize the name is not possible, I would love to at least have the Instance Name show up in the MIDI Input List. Great software otherwise, Mark

  • Have there been any updates since this thread with regards to 32 midi ports in RTAS? I'm running Pro Tools 9 - is it possible to open 32 midi ports? In the VE Pro manual the following is written:

    "Used as a VST 3/RTAS plugin, up to 32 ports are available within Cubase, Nuendo and Pro Tools."

    This is somewhat misleading if untrue...? 


  • Any update on this with VE Pro 6? and Pro Tools 12?

    Can we now use more than 16 midi ports with VEP^ and PT12? or is teh limitation still there?


  • Hello, 

    Unfortunately Pro Tools has still not increased the number of available ports. I´ll update the documentation accordingly with the next manual version. Like Karel said, with Cubase and Nuendo,  you can do 48 ports now (so the world is actually turning). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL