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  • VEP5 and I/O Plugins

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  • I don't know how I explain this with my poor english....[:'(]

    Original posting was 'VEP5 and PLAY3 problem'

    But right after I posting this.. I found it's not problem with PLAY3.

    But I need time to find out what is problem with my VEP5.

    But this I couldn't delete this posting, so I renamed it to '1' 

    and I was plan to rename it again with my real question.

    and I fogot!

    Sorry everyone!

    But at least I got a attention...

    can I have a one question?

    I'm struggle with my VEP5. 

    I was using vep from last year and It worked great.

    But after upgrade to version 5. I have a serious problem with my logic.

    as far as I know I have to put I/O plugin every event input plugin right?

    But what about on VEP plugin itself?

    Should I put? or not?

    If I put... my CPU is going up to the limit. (only 8th core)

    If I not put... It worked but a lots of weird problem like increase latency (PLAY3)

    So my question is

    If I use 5 midi port. I create 1 VEP and 4 event input plugin. 

    Should I  put I/O on only event input? (total 4)

    Or VEP + event input? (total 5)

  • Retracted reply.

  • Thank you Karel

    But I still have a problem.

    As you said in conclusion.

    - I set I/O buffer size to '512'

    - I set Process buffer range to 'small'

    - Put Bypassed I/O Plugin on only Server Interface track.

    Now my CPU problem is gone, But tracks only playing when sequencer is stopped.

    When I playing or Recording It doesn't sound.

    Is ther any other way?

  • You're right. This is very strange. It worked before without issues. Logic is quite erratic in its behavior, I'm sorry. I will try to come up with a closed form solution as soon as possible.

  • Thank you Karel

    I know you will solve this problem soon. [H]