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  • OCZ Synapse Cache 128 GB?

    Has anybody tried this thing out? It seems like a great idea... I'm just not sure how well it would work for VSL. What I've been trying to do is to find an all-round solution for a good laptop composing set-up. Currently I have a Macbook Pro with an SSD as my boot and a 750 GB HD replacing my optical drive. It's basically fine, but with only 8GB or RAM, it has a clear limit for larger scores. I'm wondering whether swapping my SSD boot for the Synapse 128GB, and moving everything to the 750 GB HD (i.e., system and samples) would be better or worse. Obviously, it winds up putting the system on the same drive as the samples, which is typically a bad idea. But with the Synapse running, I'd imagine the amount of cache used by the system would be a pretty small chunk (on the 128 GB version), leaving a decent amount of room for sample caching... It's just a matter of exactly what data from VSL would get cached, and how much that would help the streaming situation.

    Anybody had a look at this yet?