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  • All-Out Orchestral Assault

    Here is my latest piece,  a quiet little lullaby for bedtime featuring 32 foot Bombarde organ stop, massed fanfares, 12 ff horns, simultaneous gong-timpani-bass drum crashes and a full symphonic development of three themes.   I put this on the MIR forum because it is raw MIR output but since it is also rather raw musically I decided to attack people here with it as well.  WARNING: Not recommended for atonalists.  It is shockingly, even dangerously traditional in harmony...

  • Very exciting piece, bravo! [Y]

  • thanks matteo for listening!

  • Sounds great! I have one very petty criticism - the bells (glockenspeil?) sounds a bit loud and dry in the mix. :)

    It would be great to hear this with a real top flight orchestra. VSL is certainly sounding as impressive as you could get from samples, but still, I can imagine a bit more thickness, emotion and sweeping majesty from real strings.

  • Yes, high strings are always a problem even with the best in the business, also the only aspect in VSL's Star Wars that sticks out as "samply". I really enjoyed the finale in this Bill, nicely done!

  • I love 32' Bombarde organ stops.!!!!!  Anything with the word Bombarde in it actually.

    Musically very good and Williamsish fun. Like Erik said the high strings in sampling is a problem for most of us. At times I felt a little bit of Greig coming on. The timps sound like they have more bollocks but I would still check out some others unless VSl have some percussion libs coming out round the corner. The so-called dry environment may not be the best way to record timp samples.

    Very nice.

  • thanks Dagmar, Paul and Errikos for listening - I appreciate your taking the time.   You're right about the bells - too clear.  

    "a bit of Grieg coming on" - yes, I often have that early in the morning though it usually passes.

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