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  • Restore Mixer after accidental delete

    Hi,  I admit I have fat fingers and once in a while I delete the mixer by accident.  I'm trying to create my perfect templates to work with Sibelius and I use the delete a lot.

    Undo is not an option most of the time as I usually discover the mixer being deleted after I've already done a lot of work with other channels.  The mixer is often off screen to the left.

    I notice also that when I add a new bus - I can't name it mixer.  It takes on Mixer1 which leads me to beleive that the original mixer is still in there somewhere.

    Apart from creating a new "Mixer1" bus and then manually assigning all slots to go through this new bus - is there a simpler method to add or restore a mixer and have it automatically receive the outputs from the the other channels?

    Or - is there a way to protect or lock a channel from accidental deletion?

    I know you're all tempted to say - "Just stop deleting the mixer" ;-)