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  • Cubase won't Freeze [Solved]

    This is probably a Cubase question, but the Steinberg Cubase users forum is about impossible to log into.

    I am half way through a project, and for no apparent reason when I now try to freeze one of the VEPro 5 instances, I get a dialogue box that says "The instrument is not connected, freeze is not possible". But it is connected, it plays back. I tried disconnecting it and reconnecting it - same story. I tried quitting Cubase and VEPRO and reloading, problem persists. Very weird. Anyone know what this might be / how to fix it? Such a pain to bounce down and unload the instrument manually...

    Cubase released 6.0.5 today so I thought I would install it before bothering you guys at support, and as I suspected, it was I think a Cubase problem, because after the update seems to be fine now. Thanks!

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    IIRC, you are using Cubase 6 on OS X 10.6.8 on an Intel Mac with the latest version of VE PRO 5.0.9753, is that correct?

    This will make it much easier to reproduce this behaviour.

    In general, this information is always helpful to fix a problem or to get feedback on any issue. You can always include your setup in the signature (Community Tab).

    If there is a specific problem, feel free to contact us at and include any screenshots, projects.... whatever illustrates the problem best, so that the bug-finding process can be accelerated.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, I am actually suspecting it is a Cubase issue, not really a Vienna issue which is why I didn't want to bother you guys in support. But thank you very much for the offer I'll send some stuff through now (you can always count on VSL for great support!)

    Yes it is 10.6.8 Intel Mac, VE Pro 5.0.9753