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  • Good EQ for VSL???

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering about any suggestions for a good EQ to use with VSL.

    VSL's EQ is great and in some cases, I like the results more that I've gotten while testing izotope's Alloy. I'm considering buying Alloy but I've run into a lot of feedback saying that Alloy and Ozone are good for home-studio musicians but that far better exists. Anyone have any recommendations? Strings are my primary concern for good EQ right now. Winds and perc I am happy with my results with VSL's eq.


  • Sean - I'd say you get no answers because "good" is a question of context and personal taste, especially when it comes to EQs.

    What are you looking for? Precise correction? Broad "brushstrokes"? Clean or coloured basic sound? Must it be light on the CPU or not? Etc. ....

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Personally I like the Waves EQP-1A . This would be the "broad brushstrike".

  • Dietz,

    If you read my really long reply already... sorry. I have found the sollution to my problem. It isn't a different eq. I just needed to be a bit more patient with making adjustments to the sound. After playing with it more I found a sweet spot that balances what I'm wanting. [:D]

    Thanks anyway and sorry for the trouble...


  • Sean,

    You ARE insane, and i like that.

    From what you wrote, I assume that you are younger than I am, and somehow kind of searching for what I was searching for if I think back.

    I studied counterpoint and stuff too, and I share your opinion that nothing is about CPU-consumption, but all about sound.

    Thing is, in my profession as a "Tonmeister" for a public german radio-station, being responsible for the sound aesthetics of recordings, I have access to almost every imaginable audio equipment available, including a two-digit-number of different EQs. And there is no real winner.

    You will use some equipment because it fits your expectations and will get you fast results, because you personally like the ease of use, or for whatever reason. I donĀ“t think there is such a thing as the best EQ. And even if it would exist, most of the sound you get is accomplished by the user, not the EQ.

    I like the fast and musical results I get from Pultec EQP-1A. There are different digital representations available, Waves, Bomb Factory and UA I think. Another EQ I really like is the Massenburg. As a PlugIn it is only available as a TDM-Version right now, but since Avid is changing its PlugIn-platform right now, this might change soon. One should also give a listen to SSLs PlugIns, I do not know those, but the original Hardware. And I do use the VSL-EQ, and I donĀ“t get money for saying so.

    Generally: the better the music is, the less mixing you have to apply to make it sound good.

    This is my bit. Get Demo-Versions. I suppose you will like more than one EQ.

  • clemenshaas,

    I forgot to reply to you! Thanks for the feedback and tolerating my insanity! lol

    I actually read somewhere that everyone kept reffering to a free EQ that they liked. I tried the EQ and found that I could still get very similar results to what I wanted. I also love how much control it seems to have. Ironically, it's also from a German group or something. lol You lousy Germans/Austrians! You're always doing everything so well! [:)] Fyi, the link to the site is

    Either way, I was wrong. I technically was using a different EQ. BUT I tried some other plugins and started experimenting with some tape plugins I was neglecting to try. After this, some more EQ fine-tuning, and realizing that I accidentally left the filter in VI Pro down a little bit from the top, I corrected, fine-tuned, and came to a very pleasing result. So it wasn't so much my eq'ing... but my lack of getting everything else right... and a bit of less than great eq'ing decisions before.