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  • is anyone using the BFD2 64-bit beta in VE Pro?

    in the first version, one thing reported was a GUI problem. VE Pro can be finicky with busy GUIs in my experience. The BFD2 beta overwrites the installation and I don't want to do it just to experience a NG: Don't Work. Anyone working consistently with this? it's one thing that does use enough memory pretty quick to be a bit high maintenance as a 32-bitter.

    I don't guess it's going to be any but a beta as BFD2.

  • cannot talk about x64 but I try with the last BFD2 beta installer (same for x86 or x64) & working on win7 x86 & with VEP5 x86 demo server

  •  I am using BFD 64-bit in VE Pro, all is working all OK. No problems or issues.

    So the beta seems all OK, at least on my system all is well.......