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  • MAC VI Pro2 bug... All my Time stretched cells from VI Pro exhibit white noise burst at beginni...

    Hi Vienna,

    MAC VI Pro2 bug...

    All my Time stretched cells from the old VI Pro exhibit white noise bursts at their sample starts, if I change the preload buffers. This behaviour is on Timestretched cells only. 



  • If you want to use your old timestretched patches with VIP2, you have to stay at default buffersize. Unfortunately there is a bug that causes old timestretched patches to not work when buffersize is changed.

    I can recommend you to use the new curve-based stretch with only one stretch node, if you want a fixed timestretch of the same type as VIP1.

  • I'm just changing this behavior, so it is automatically translated to the new stretch system upon load. It will be part of the next update.

  • Martin,


    Is there an expected release for this update? My template literally has 100's of stretched crescendos and stretched short articulations cells.

    But if this update will take weeks, I'll just go ahead and budget an entire day to restretch my template cells.



  • Not yet. As soon as possible, would be my answer, since I have already finished the conversion code.

  • thats good news.