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  • ensemble pro 5

    just try the demo & wanna know if it's possible to start 2 differents (1 x86 & 1 x64) VEP5 server in one win7 x64 computer ? want to use one VEP5 server x64 for BFD2 & another VEP5 server x86 for send FX (POCO & UAD verbs & mod) thanks

  • This is indeed perfectly possible.

  • thanks gonna buy it one more thing sometimes when i load a (test) project with cubase 605 x64 on win7 x64 computer & 1 VEP5 server x86 on win7 x86 computer the audio cut/ chopped (not sure about this translation) so I have to close my cubase project & reload it to have all my output from the server to work correctly (use 8 stereo out for BFD2 server & 16in/16out for FX send server) thanks & sorry for my "frenchy english" PS : I never use the 2 server simultaneously in demo mode & mono out for vsti would be great (like drums vsti)