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  • VE Slave - MIR on Master - Question

    So I have read through everything I can and looked at the videos but am still confused how to accomplish the following.

    I have a master PC that will be running MIR and a few sample libraries. I have a slave PC connected via VE Pro that will be running two PLAY libraries. How do I get the audio from those PLAY instances into MIR and into my DAW?

    I would want to run a server on my master, and would want to run a frame on my slave? And then use audio inputs? Thanks in advance!

  • Just channel the audio data from your slave PC back into your DAW like you would do without MIR Pro, using a first Server plug-in (this will connect via LAN). The DAW will have to be connected to MIR locally via a second Server Plug-In. Then use the VE Pro Audio Input Plug-In to route Play's signals from the first Server's return-channels to MIR Pro. It should be as simple as that. :-) 


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library