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  • Lost Slaves - Help! In the middle of a project!!

    I have two PCs with VEP5 installed and link to my Master PC running Cubase 6. Everything was running smoothly until last night when I wanted to record some acoustic guitar so I disconnected the two slaves and switched off the computer. After I finished recording, saved the file and switched on the slaves again, I couldn't connect them again. The two slaves simply do not show up in the panels. But if I reload a new project on Cubase I can see the slaves? What happened? Is there some way I can rescan the connection?

  • Are you using fixed IP?


  • Yes I.P. fixed.

  • Another question would be, if the IP no. is changed and the master could not connect to the slave, is there any way to change the DAW ( in my case Cubase ) setting and point it to the new slave IP address?

  • Bump! Any help out there? After repeat rebooting, I managed to recover two instances, but one instance is still missing. Puzzling that at times when I opening an instance of VEP in the DAW ( I had four VEP 5 inserted in Cubase VSTi slots ) and press connect, I can see all the slaves. But once I got one connected and open the other instances, all the slaves are gone! Any idea what is happening? Thanks.

  • Make sure you're using the last version of VE Pro 5 (currently 5.0.9753). There was an issue with duplicating VE Pro plugins in a previous version.