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  • Is it possible to go back to Ve Pro 4?

    Is it possible to uninstall VE Pro 5 and return to VE Pro 4, not being able to use a multi object cabled to an instrument is a game changer for me.I know Ve E Pro has a lot of great new fitures but it's to much hassle to get it to automate Logic Pro 9.1.4 and I have to many jobs to wait to find a work around. I like to run my set up as discribed by Tobias Escher. Is it possible to revert back to VE Pro 4?

  • VE Pro 5 can be used in exactly the same way as VE Pro 4. The new features can be safely ignored.

  • Hello. I am in trouble after upgrading to VEP5. VEP5 on PC slave doesn't start loading; pop up screen just says " preparing to load " that's it. nothing happens after that. This is a game stopper for me. Need to go back to VEP4 ASAP. Please answer the question: Can VEP 5 be uninstalled reversed to VEP4. -Mr. Rehtori Mac pro early 2008, 18GB, Macbook Pro early 2011 8GB, PC I5 2500k 16GB, Kontakt, PLAY, VSL

  • Yes, you just have to use the included uninstaller before installing VE Pro 4.

  • Ok, thanks. What about the loading bug: "Preparing to load..." message with Kontakt 5 ? Is there a way to get around it ? Update: The loading goes now past the message but the progress bar freezes after loading samples about couple of seconds. It doesn't continue loading after that, so I have to kill all VEPs and sequencer. It loads to certain point, but after couple of Kontakt5 instances it just stops loading (EW PLAY?) and nothing happens. This is all so random; sometimes the loading halts before loading anything, sometimes it goes past Kontakt5's...weird.. update2: after about 10 loading attempt it now loads all just fine. It seems VEP needed some re-launching to get it fully working. -R