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  • Dimension Brass Trumpet 1 and Trombone 1 Loud

    Just working with Dimension Brass in VI Pro 2 using 4 instruments across 4 tracks.

    I have 4 instances of trumpet, 4 of horns and 4 of trombones VI 1 Tpt1, VI 2 tpt2, VI 3 tpt 3 and so on loading basic patches into an empty matrix. 

    Each VI plug-in has identical volume and performance settings to all the others. I am finding that whereas the horns balance up fine Trumpet 1 is on average louder than 2,3,4 and Trombone 1 is louder than 2,3,4. The difference averages out to about 6 dB. So far I've checked with the sus, legato and portato patches. Switching between tpt 1 and 2 within the same VI by loading them both has the same results. So it's not a routing or external DAW balance issue.

    Anyone else encountering this? - maybe the 1st trumpet and 1st trombone were louder at the sessions but be good to get verification of these level discrepancies as at the moment I'm having to pull down trumpet 1 and trombone 1 by about 6dB to balance the chords.

    If say trumpet 1 and trumpet 3 are loaded in a couple of slots in the same patch and panned left and right the same level difference is heard.

    I also checked in VI-Pro standalone loading trumpet 1 and trumpet 2 and switching between the 2 and using the VI GUI keyboard and the level difference can be heard and seen there as well. 



  • No one out there using Dimension Brass?

  •  Hi Julian,

    our primary concern producing the DImension Instruments was to keep the performance of each section as authentic as possible.

    Therefor we didn't touch the natural volume balance of the individual players. Usually lead players of a section perform louder.

    But the fine thing with the Dimension Brass is, that you have full control of the volume setup of each instrument seperately to adjust the settings for your needs.



  • Hi Herb,

    Thanks for the response. I understand the logic behind it, good to know it wasn't a system issue from my side.