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  • Special edition presets not showing up in Vienna Instruments Pro 2

    Hi, I have just upgraded to VIP2. I have the special edition Strings, Strings extended and Epic Orchestra collections. When I run VIP2 the Strings and strings extended presets dont appear. I have dragged, what I thought at least, where the correct ZIP files into the Directory Manager. In case it is any help the following do appear - under presets - Special edition matrix files, Epic Orchestra preset files and the special edition inspiration presets - under matrix - the special edition and epic orchestra matrix files - under patch - the special edition patches and the epic orchestra patches Any help gratefully received

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    Hi tonfedd,

    I found your posting a bit confusing, but the Library Updates that will give you the new presets for VI PRO 2 are available here:

    DVD Instruments VI PRO 2 Library Updates

    Download Instruments VI PRO 2 Library Updates

    Does that help?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi - thanks for your reply and I am sorry that you found my posting a bit confusing. What would you find it useful for me to clarify? as regards the links you sent I have already downloaded these files and placed them in the directory manager (as I mentioned in my posting). That is why I am looking for assistance in getting the presets to appear in vienna Instrument Pro2. Thanks

  • Hi, 

    when you dropped the Library Updates onto the Directory Manager, did you get any kind of feedback that the update was successful (there is also an installation procedure, you need to confirm that the Library Updates are applied). The Library Updates need to be dropped on top of the listed folders in the Directory Manager. 

    If that was already the case, please send some screenshots of your VI PRO Browser to  so that we can see what you see. 

    Thanks for your patience,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi - when I dropped the the two files I got the following messages - 66 files were updated and 45 files were updated. I'll send the screenshots as requested. Ben