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  • [SOLVED] How to get more than one VEP5 midi ports in Nuendo?

    In the past I've created another instance of VEP whenever I've needed more than 16 instruments/channels, but with the VEP5 it would be nice to have more than 16 channels of instruments per plugin instance, especially when using MIR Pro. How can I enable this? My Nuendo 5.5.1 shows only one "Vienna Ensemble Pro x64 - Midi in", no matter how many midi channels is enabled in VEP5 preferences. For example, Halion 4.5.1 always opens with ABCD midi ins available, totalling 64 midi channels right away.


  •  Use the VST 3 version of VE Pro. You will see /// next to the name.

    BTW you don't specify the number of MIDI channels in the VEP Prefs; you specify the number of MIDI ports, each of which has 16 MIDI channels.


  • Yes, after few tries I got it to work, thanks!