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  • Logic & VEP5 — Yet another question

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    First of all I'd like to say that after 20 years of working with exotic MIDI configurations and most of the Mac and PC DAWs out there, I find VEP 5 to be the most confusing update ever. After initial testing with Logic, it seems that the benefits of using several MIDI ports in AU are — for the time being, and for me at least — not worth the effort involved in migrating a solid VEP4 template, whatever the instance count. That's just me, though.

    As to the matter at hand: in an empty project, I've connected a couple of Multi-Instrument objects to two Software Instrument objects, to mimic my VEP4 setup that I've described in this thread. The second instrument (Inst2) has an Event Input plugin loaded, with the I/O plugin inserted as the manual says. The Event Plugin has MIDI Input 2 enabled and references the same VEP server instance that Inst1 is connected to. See the following screenshot.

    The VEP server instance itself has 4 different VIPro instruments loaded, and set to receive on MIDI1/Ch1, MIDI1/Ch2, MIDI2/Ch1 and MIDI2/Ch2 respectively.

    Now, in the Arrange window, there are 4 tracks which are set to transmit on both Multi-Instruments and MIDI channels : Multi1/Ch1, Multi1/Ch2, Multi2/Ch1 and Multi2/Ch2. The last two are, like I've described, connected to the Inst2 object which has the Event Input plugin loaded. See the image below.

    The problem is that the last track in the Arrange (Multi 2 Ch 2), while transmitting on Channel 2, has its data played in the VEP instance by the mixer channel set to MIDI Port1 / Channel 1, not the one set to MIDI Port1 / Channel 2.

    What am I doing wrong here ? Have I missed something ?


    BTW, I've yet to figure out what the I/O plugin is for. I know it's meant to enable "Live Mode" in Logic, but in my testing the results were identical, with or without the plugin inserted.

  • I'm bumping this in case the staff missed it. From what I understand I'm following the exact procedure described in the manual. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


  • Could you send that example Logic project to ? Thanks.

  • Sent.