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  • [SOLVED] Lost on starting Ensemble Pro in Cubase

    Well here I am, a beginner and still feeling like one each day ! I have installed everything and ensemble pro is there in the plugins list. When I add an instrument in the add vst instrument it is there and adds fine and then opens the server interface. I cannot see what to do from there . I see connect and nothing happens . I don't see what to do in the manual and I'm sure it's quite simple but as I said .... BEGINNER. thanks in advance as always ...

  • I redid it and I noticed that it may in fact be connected . However, I was not asked for a local host number and I just see the server interface with a blank area for available instances . Also I am running cubase 64 bit and loaded ensemble pro 64 bit and in the server interface of the 2 choices 32 bit is lit by default. I can select the 64 bit but wonder about this.

  • disregard please and thankyou. I forgot the most obvious thing. Somewhere it did say to start the server BEFORE the DAW . I'm sure I'll have something more worthy to ask soon.