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  • VEP 5.0.9753 Standalone Transport bug with FXpansion Geist

    Hello, with VEP hosting Geist, Geist fails to return the 'Song Start' marker, should I say, when the Transport is initiated, the Song Start marker in Geist returns to the last stopped position and continues. VEP needs to be quit and relaunched to begin playback from the songs start.

    Steps to Reproduce

    1. Launch VEP 32-bit

    2. Instantiate Geist

    3. Load a full preset in Song Mode

    4. Set VEP Tempo

    5. Initiate VEP Transport

    Expected behaviour is that VEP should playback from Geist's Song Start marker.

    Aaron Mulqueen

  • Regression: VEP 4.1.8783 Standalone 64-bit and Geist 64-bit reproduce the same behaviour.

    Aaron Mulqueen

  • Bump.

  • It's fixed for the next update. Thanks for reporting.

  • Excellent! And thanks for the heads up.


  • This behaviour is also reproduced in Pattern Mode. Where the VEP Transport is stopped, this is where VEP Transport Play begins.


  • It's a general behavior change in VE Pro, so that doesn't really matter. But thanks for being extra clear.

  • Fixed build 10068. Thank you.