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  • Benefits of using VE Pro with Logic?

    Hello - was hoping to understand a bit more the benefits of using VE Pro with Logic? If I run Logic 64 bit (and assuming the plugins I want to use are 64 bit since that is where the industry is going), what are the benefits if I don't have any slave computers?


  • Hi ChinmayL,

    From my experience with Logic9 and VSL stuff, VEP is much more optimised (less CPU usage) with VIP. So I use VEP as soon that I need more then 2 or 3 VIP's instances. A second computer (slave) is used only for my biggest projects.


    On iMac 2,93 GHz, i7,16 Gif Ram, OS 10.6.8, Logic 9.

  • For me, the most important benefit of using VEP with Logic on a single computer is the ability to open and close Logic projects (songs, movements, cues) very quickly since all the samples are loaded in VEP. The time lost to sample-loading is reduced to almost nothing, if you have a solid enough template loaded in VEP.