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  • First post here - Short trailer music

    Hello all,

    this is my very first post in this topic, so please forgive me, if i steal your spare time.

    I would like to hear your opinions about my very first audio work for movie.

    With heavy use of other librarys, i used here a lot of the VSL SE Edition and appassionate strings as well.

    Sadly the new upgrades with the awesome tools like the sequencer in Vienna Instrument Pro 2 came out a few days after finishing this thing.

    I realy love the new features, a very great pre-christmas toy [Y]    Many many thanks to the VSL team for this btw.

    I hope you have fun with a little Sailship Sea battle....

    Best regards


  • Hi Franck, I think this is really impressive, and it is almost unbelievable to see what you can do today with open-source software like Blender.
    Regarding the music, it is great too, is it surround stereo, or binaural, or something like this? Because the sound is very warm and "big", or maybe you used a lot of hardware, didn't you?
    Thanks a lot for this great share!

  • Hi, I think your work is fine for the work. I think something is wrong with the percussion, it sounds a bit weird, like out of place. (maybe the audio is damaged or something) Did you do it intentionally to recreate the fight between ships?. Also, some cuts are too abrupt (when the battle ends, for example, maybe you need to work with the final notes in order to improve the cadence). The sound in general is good IMO, but drums need to be worked IMO. For being your first work for movie, it is very good actually, you only need to adjust some here and some there. Just my opinion, not something you must do. rgds :)

  • Wow, thank you both for your comments.
    Makes me total happy.

    hehe..You nailed my biggest problem in the mix. The prepared theme was too long for this short trailer, so i had to improve the last part in 2 evenings after my very long dayjob. And  the canon shots are not "groovy" regarding to the beat, and they had very much bass-sounds. Also i have maybe too much drums sounds included, and i defenitly forgotten to put them "in place" (with the neccessary Reverb settings).

    Again, thank you very much for your comments and time.

    Best regards


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