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  • Using 3rd Party Plugin with multiple outs

    Apologies if this is easy and I just haven't read the manual properly but I'm new to VE Pro and am just trying to incorporate it into my workflow. I use Superior Drummer in Protools a lot and have a bunch of presets for all the kits I use that route the different drums to individual outputs (i.e. Kick, Snare, HiHat etc etc) which I then pick up on aux tracks in protools, means I can mix the kit in Protools directly rather than use the Superior mixer which just isn't that friendly and doesn't give me access to RTAS or TDM plugins. I can't figure out how to do this with VE Pro. There doesn't seem to be a way to route the separate outs in Superior to separate outs in VEP or have I missed something really obvious?

  •  Hi!

    In the VE Pro mixer, choose "add/insert Input". Then in the choose where the source audio comes (here you can choose any multi output plugin you have hosted in VE Pro), in this case that would be one of the outputs from Superior. Then you assign an output to this "Audio Input" channel, and you are ready to go! You can ofcourse add as many audio inputs as you need.

    You can read about this in the manual, page 39 "Multi-timbral plug-ins in Vienna Ensemble Pro"


  • Perfect thanks - I did apologise for not reading all of the manual up front :-)