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  • VEP 5 network track count

    Hi, Anybody knows how many inputs and outputs you should be able to use in a 1 Gb non-exclusive network? (I mean, used for Internet too) In my setup, I can use just 20 inputs and outputs. It does not seems to impressive. Any feedback about this? Thanks! Regards

  • Well..... I have 1 Macpro and  3 PC slaves running 60 MIDI ports, must be almost 200 midi tracks and 32 audio tracks per machine and it's still working (!!!) I am still getting my head around it but I am amazed. I think machines drop off from time to time but I'm really not 100% sure as it's early days. There is however a real feeling of having got over the brow of the hill. It is worth persevering and getting this to work really well. The biggest difference of VSL EP 4 is (1) the old version used tonnes more CPU which was a big limitation on the Mac side and (2) the lack of the MIDI Insert thing made big rigs like this completely unworkable. It takes forever setting up the midi insert plugins but a small price to pay. The biggest surprise if the massive increase in sound quality compared to the ADAT/ MOTU 2408s/RME 9652 hardware solution. I suspect that;s to do with the perfect digital sync so a fantastic stereo image and clarity in the top end. 

    If the theoretical max of a 1Gb ethnet is 120Mb/s then it gives a lot of headroom. If I bump into the ceiling I'll let you know!

  • Hi, Thanks for answering! I found that the problem was only with this project: with the first EP5 input active you can't add anything else. Creating a new channel, it works again :-)