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  • Is there a BUG between VST Expression map in Cubase 5 and the contemporaneous change of matrix ...


    i use the vst expression in cubase 5.1,2  and setting an articulation in the expression maps that send 2 keyswitch simultaneusly through VEP with Vienna Instruments with a preset of 2 different matrices loaded (the first for change the patch in the x-Axis of the matrix and the second for change the matrix).

    The problem is that VI seems not responds very well at the commands of keyswitch: sometimes changes only a matrix and other times change only articulation in the X-axis of a matrix....

    Do you know this problem? are Cubase 5 that have a bug or VEP-VI?


  • Hello attla78!

    If you set up your own Expression maps for our collections, please make sure to always send the keyswitch for the matrix first and then the keyswitch for H-Span (or V-Span).

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library