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  • VEPRO Gets stuck when loading

    I'm working with VEPRO 5 and Kontakt 5. I've noticed that VEPRO gets stuck loading certain samples. I previously had this problem with VEPRO4 and CineSamples. Now it's happening with True Strike. The Progress Window says "creating cache file...please wait" and the loading data wheel just spins forever........ What's going on? I'm on a Mac Pro..10.6.8. Thanks Michael

  • We were already reporting that here:

    My solution is to not start VEPro by double-clicking the mframe but to start VEPRO first and then double-click the mframe. Hope that helps in your setup, too. 

    best regards


  • I start VEPro by selecting it, and then using "open with" from the file menu on my Mac. The problem occurs both when my DAW (DP7) is open, and in stand alone. It happened consistently with the same instruments..certain libraries from CineSamples and now True Strike (never had a problem with Symphobia). Best, Michael

  • Probably these Kontakt libraries rely on a running audio callback, which is a design flaw. I've already submitted this issue to the Kontakt developers, so hopefully it will be fixed on their side, because it's rather hard to work around from our perspective.

  • The mframe that previously got stuck loading True Strike opened perfectly when I followed the procedure described by Florian. Thank you. Michael

  • Hi Michael,

    you're welcome, glad I could help you.

    best regards


  • Just updated to the latest VEP5... and suddenly I'm getting this problem when loading kontakt 5 based Channel presets in VEP. Was working fine before... but now none of my presets are loading... says "creating cache file, please wait..." Please advise! Thanks-