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  • VE Pro 5/Mac and VST Plug-ins

    On page 11 of the VEP 5 manual, there's diagram showing VST plug-ins and effects in what I assume is a screen shot from a Windows machine. On my Mac Pro (OS 10.6.8), all I'm seeing in a similar box are "AU" plug-ins. Does VE Pro Mac only recognize AU and not all the VST plug-ins I have? I haven't come across an answer yet in the manual.......frank

  •  Yes, AU only.


  • Thank you, DG!

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    Hey guys - I can see that VE Pro is only recognizing my AU's, and DG, of course I trust your answer since you know the software intimately. However, I'm confused why I see this in the specifications for the software:

    "Plug-in formats RTAS (Mac PPC & Intel), AU (Mac PPC & Intel) and VST (PC and Mac PPC & Intel) for use with a host sequencer: 16 MIDI channels per instance."

    (saw this information HERE)

    Any thoughts as to why VSL claims to support VST plugins? It would be really nice to be able to use my VSTs, of course.



  • By "support" it means you can use the connector plugin with a VST host. However, VE Pro itself does not use VST on OSX, as you have found out.