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  • Audio in EP5 Ethernet Latency compensation

    Hi, Is there any latency compensation when sending audio data to the server computer? I've done a test and it seems like it does not compensate it. What to do to try it: - Load a track with a loop. - Duplicate it - Insert an EP5 audio input to one of them. - Invert the phase of the other. You should have silence. Any feedback? Regards

  • Make sure you're using the latest version of VE Pro 5. Version 5.0.9735 had a bug regarding latency compensation unless the latency in the plugin was set to 0 or 4 buffers.

  • Hi, Thanks for answering. I'm using the latest, VP 5.0.9687. It happens in 32 bit and 64 bit server version. My setup is: - Server: PC, W7 Home Basic x64 - Client: Mac Pro 1,1 8-core Regards

  • Which host are you using? That's an older version of VE Pro 5 you're using by the way. The latest is 5.0.9753.

  • it works perfect after the update. Thanks for your support :-) BTW, my host is Nuendo 5.5 :-)