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  • Loosing Audio Input in VE-PRO 5

    Up to now, I've been testing the trial version of VE-PRO 5 in Pro Tools - no issues.  This morning I tried configuring it with Logic (latest version).  I have both the latest versions of VI-PRO and VE-PRO 5 (build 9753) loaded.  I first set up a 16 track multi-timbral instrument in Logic and assigned VE-PRO Multi-Output to it.  Loaded an instrument in VE-PRO 5.  

    Then I created a second 16 track multi-timbral instrument and following the directions in the manual, loaded both the Event Input plug-in and the I/O plugin on the same track.  I assigned the first track in the second instrument to MIDI Channel 1 and configured VE-PRO 5 accordingly with a second instrument.

    The two instruments play live fine.  Then I recorded a small passage on the second instrument track (the one with the I/O and Event plug-ins.  Once I stopped the record, the audio also stops.  I know this because for this test I had the room tone on to max level.  The only way I can get the room tone to return in the speakers and the instrument to play is to select any track from instrument one, press play and stop.  Once doing so, both instruments will then play live.  If I then select the 2nd instrument track, press play then stop, the audio (room tone) also stops until I repeat the process of selecting a track in instrument 1, press play and stop.

    I must have something configured incorrectly but at this point, I'm not sure where to turn.  Any suggestions?

  • This is Logic disabling tracks for performance reasons (the Server Interface and Event Input instrument plugins are separate Logic tracks and are thus assumed to be independent). We're trying our best to come up with a solution for this annoyance.

  • No Problem Karel....  I thought maybe I was doing something wrong......  Thanks for the quick response.