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  • Rob Papen Delay and Distort problems with VE Pro 5

    I've recently bought a Rob Papen Delay and got the Rob Papen Distort as bonus.

    After installation I've tried to use both plugins in the VE Pro 5 with no success.

    I can load the RP-Delay but It just shows blank graphic templet.

    With RP-Distort, VE Pro 5 just can't recognise it.

  • I just tried the RP-Delay demo in both 64- & 32-bit in both VE Pro Server and standalone. Also on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with latest VE Pro 5. Everything worked as expected. Perhaps you need the latest version of RP-Delay?

  • I've just uninstalled and reinstalled VE Pro 5 , RP-Delay and RP-Distort, nothing changed. Still the same problem.

    I've installed 64bit version of RP-Delay with multi-core option and 64bit version RP-Distort.

    After installing both plugins, I launched VE Pro 5 and it scanned both plugins as they are newly installed vst plugins.

    However, RP-Distort is still not showing up on the VST plugin list and RP-Delay shows the same symptoms.

    I've also installed these on my second laptop (VE Pro 5 Slave) and there have been the same problems.

    My RP-Delay is v.1.0.1 with 29.1MB installer. RP-Distort is 1.0.0.a.