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  • Using VEP Pro5 to update VEP Pro4

    Hi i would like to add another 3 computers to my vep pro set up and understand that I need to buy Vep Pro a second time to get the licences. My question is Can I use the new the new VEP Pro 5 software to upgrade my existing VEP pro 4 ( which I've only recently purchased and haven't installed yet) and use my existing licences on VEP4. That is end up with the six licences that I need Thanks

  •  No. The VEP5 upgrade will overwrite your VEP4 licences, and in any case you can't use both the VEP4 and VEP 5 software at the same time (unless they were all standalones).


  • The upgrade license doesn't replace the VE Pro 4 license as far as I know.

  •  Sorry, what I meant was that you can't split them up. It is one, all-inclusive licence.


  • Sorry don't quite get it. I know I need to buy a full version of VE Pro to get the extra licenses, but does this mean I'll also have to pay for an upgrade to get my VE Pro 4 up to version 5? Makes me wish I'd waited a week to get 2 VE Pro 5s!! Or will version 5 be able to upgrade my version 4?

  • There is an upgrade path from VE Pro 4 to VE Pro 5. The VE Pro 4 license will be transformed into a VE Pro 4 + VE Pro 5 license. As far as the actual application goes, VE Pro 5 completely replaces VE Pro 4. They can not be run side by side.

  • Hi Karel, I think this is not really needed, or is it from your point of view? I am running Logic 9.1.1 and OSX 6.7 with VEPro 4 latest version without any glitches or hassle. I just bought the VEPro 5, but reading here makes me more than reluctant to install it, especially if this renders my flawless Version 4 useless. Why would you guys not allow to install side be side? I am not saying running 4 and 5 at the same time, but being able to install 5 without touching the 4.

  • This has to do with backward compatibility. It's impossible to achieve it without replacing VE Pro 4 files. You can install VE Pro 4 again at any time, it will replace VE Pro 5 just as well. This way you can switch between the two if necessary (but seeing as VE Pro 5 is fully backward compatible with VE Pro 4, there's not too much point).

  • Understood. Thanks Karel, I might just bite the bullet tomorrow. :)