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  • Questions about MIR Pro

    I have three questions about MIR Pro:

    a. Do I need to download the latest roompacks that are available for MIR Pro or can I keep the roompacks that I currently use with MIR (bild 1856)?

    b. Will I still be able to use MIR as an option to using MIR Pro or does MIR Pro automatically delete and overwrite MIR?

    c. Will MIR Pro open my MIR files that I made with MIR (bild 1856)?

    Thank you.


  •  Hi Marko,

    it's possible to open old RoomPack files with MIR Pro, but not recommended. We had to add some additional meta data to the RoomPacks for MIR Pro, running MIR Pro without them could lead to missing information in the Venue Selection Dialog and strange level relations.

    MIR Pro does not delete or overwrite MIR, you can run both side by side (sharing the same RoomPack files, the latest RoomPack files can still be used with MIR).

    Unfortunately it's not possible to open any MIR project in MIR Pro.

    all the best, Florian

  • Thank you Florian.