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  • 2 quick Automation Parameters Questions for VEP5

    1)  How do you generate parameters from Pro Tools?  I can generate Midi CC easily enough but not the other.

    2) Can you not automate the bypass?  I had to automate threashold instead.

  • Hi john,

    1) For parameter automation you need to be on same track as the VE Pro plugin, not on a midi track. Enable the parameter you want to automize on the plugin interface in pro tools.

    2) exactly, the bypass fonction seems to not be automatable on VSL plugins...

  • The good thing about parameter automation:

    You can write automation (write, latch read...).

    2 ways communication, PT to VE Pro or VE Pro to PT for automation.

    and the bad:

    Can't use it on midi tracks. All parameter automation is on the main VE Pro track.

  • Thanks, Fred.  I have it now.  That looks like it might be really useful.  I can even automate it from the rotary knobs of my old Mackie Control device.