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  • Odd output metering display in VI Pro 2

     I notice that in VI Pro 2, the output metering only shows the left channel activity (though it looks like a summed mono display), though if I use Dimension Brass (mono samples) then both Left and Right bargraphs then show, displaying the stereo image. But shouldn't the bargraph show a stereo image with everything else? It is outputting all OK, as the  channel display shows the stereo image in the small bargraphs, I was expecting L & R bargraphs to show in VI Pro2, or have I missed the concept here somewhere..

  •  Hi!

    I ran into a problem on my setup with VI Pro 2 only ouputting audio in either the left or the right channel. You say the ouput is ok though, but are you running some kind of stereo plugin on that channelstrip? If so, if you bypass the plugin, do you still have stereo out?

  •  The odd metering is in VI Pro, it outputs OK, and the mixer metering is all OK, it's just VI Pro's own metering is odd, it just shows a stereo library (everything except DB) as a left only mono meter.

    But I have noticed now that it only does this when VI is running in VE Pro.  The stand alone VI is all OK, so is this something to do with the way MIR works, does that means all the stereo samples are mono'd to go into MIR?

  •  Yeah, but if the metering in VI Pro only shows output in one channel, how can it out a stereo channel in the mixer? In my case, I have VI Pro 2 hosted inside VE Pro 5, and VI Pro 2 outputs only audio in the left (or right depending on matrix selection) channel. I didnt notice this as I had MIR loaded on the channel, and then ofcourse the 1 channel audio signal became a stereo signal through MIR. But when I bypassed all plugins on the VI Pro 2 channel, then it outputs audio in only one channel. Thus, VE Pro mixer only shows output on one channel. If I create a new instance of VI Pro everything is ok, but all loaded instances has this one channel bug. Also, if I load a new patch in the VI Pro instance which only outputs audio in one channel, this new patch will output in correct stereo. So this must be some kind of bug.

    So in my case it seems as if the bug is related to old (converted) VE Pro projects. VSL support is looking into it.

  • I can confirm this problem and will fix asap.

    Thanks for reporting



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    This is fixed in version 9753, just released.

  •  Downloaded and installed! It works perfectly now! Thank you for the quick fix [:)]