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  • VEPro shows that I have the older Vienna Instruments installed - but I updated VI to latest?

    Hi - I found something odd, not a show stopper but a geek like me wants to understand how things work.  Hopefully I didn't make a mistake during installing the software.

    When I add a Free Vienna Instrument to VEProV5 standalone version or plugin version, the Vienna Instruments loads into a channel.  The version number of this instruments is reported as 5.0.9637 in the VEPro5 left panel.

    When you start Vienna Instruments directly, it reports that it is 4.1.9735 which is the latest version.  Makes sense because I downloaded and installed that version when I upgraded to VEProV5.

    If you uninstall Vienna Instruments, delete the directories and all files and then start VEPro standalone, the instrument still loads - V5.0.9637.

    This implies that either I didn't completely uninstall Vienna Instruments or incorrectly installed the later version or perhaps that VEPro comes with an integral Vienna Instrument.  - or pehaps VEPro5 incorrectly reports the version number.

    My questions is what should VEPro5 be reporting in that panel? and what order should I uninstall and reinstall my software if this is required to put things back in proper sync?