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  • VEP 5 Does not recognize all installed AU Effect plug-ins

    VEP 5 shows a limited number of Effect AU plug-ins. VEP 4 loaded all. I have Waves, UAD and many other 3rd party AU plugs. I rescanned within VEP5 preferences, as well as restarts of the computer. Instruments load, but I only show Apple AU Plugs, native Instruments and the integrated Vienna plugs. Any one else see this behavior?

  • My Bad...... I'm now running 64 Bit so I don't get my non 64bit compatible plugs. I will mention here that I have been struggling with Kontakt not loading large saved Multi's, Play interface/display going blank, Omnisphere running out of memory, and VEP crashing every time I load a new sample library instrument into Play or Kontakt in 32 bit. 64 is running smoothly so far. The sacrifice is I do lose all my UAD and Waves plugs among others.