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  • [SOLVED] Samples not loading in VI Pro 2

    Trying the demo out of VI Pro 2.  Also installed the latest Solo Strings library update and VE Pro 5 of course.  Double clicking a VI Pro matrix preset will load all the matrixes but no samples load.  When I go to the old presets from the regular VI the samples load fine.  Also when I try and apply timestretching to the old version matrices nothing happens and the Render button is inoperative.   What's up?

    WIndows 7 64 bit, Nuendo 5.5 32 bit.

  •  Hi Animus,

    it's a feature not a bug. All new VI PRO 2 Matrices / Presets are saved in "Disabled Status":

    The benefit will be: opening a preset or template will be superfast. Depending on your workflow there are several option how you can enable cells now:

    - The "General Settings" button offers the option "Force Enabled Cells". Is this function active, all matrices or presets will be loaded with all wavs from scratch. So this will work as you are used to.

    - If you like to decide after loading a VI PRO 2 preset to activate allcells within a preset , you can use "Enable Cells" button in the "General Settings" menu.

    - If you like to load wavs just for one matrix inside a Preset, you can right mouse click on a selected matrix and choose the entry "Enable Cells" there.

    If you like to enable just a few cells inside a matrix, you can right mouse click on a selected cell and choose "Enable" there.

    This feature helps to built really big templates which will not overload your RAM with not needed Samples.

    Just activate what you need for a certain project.

    Of course all these informations are available in the manual.



  • oh cool..  I totally forgot about that.  thanks

  • Another option that would be really cool would be how Toontrack does it.  Sounds load with samples purged and as it recieves midi it will load the necesarry samples.  I guess kind of the reverse way you guys do it now with your purge features which is not as quite as convenient or dynamic.