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  • New Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 is Amazing

    I just updated to the new Vienna Ensemble Pro 5, and it is amazing!

    The new MIR PRo (now on Mac) is doubly amazing!

    I would highly recommend them.

    My only complaint is that the copy protection arrangement with elicenser borders on unworkable. It took 1 hr to download and install Vienna's stuff; and 2 hours to sort out the elicenser stuff. What's wrong with this picture?

    Anyhow, bravo Vienne on great products!


    Large Vienna Library all on SSD, Protools/Carbon on M1 MacBook Pro, OSX Monterey 12.7, Steinway D, Rhodes Mk8-FX, Osmose, Moog One, Trigon 6-DT, OB-X8, Prophet 10 rev4, OB-6-DT, Kawai VPC-1