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  • Baroque music and no vibrato samples

    As a baroque music lover (and harpsichord player ...) i'm looking for a long time the best soudbank to reproduce the nice "little acid taste" of period instruments. I first used XCE, which give pretty good results, but for solo strings only. To give an idea, listen to the Overture of King Arthur - Henry Purcell : Due to limits of XCE, i finally purchased the VSL (special edition, chamber strings I+II and solo strings I + II), where we can find no-vib samples too (but ... not enough !). After few hours of use, i appreciate the powerfull tools of VSL, and i can give to community my first modest experience of baroque taste with Vienna : I would enjoy to share any baroque experience with the lucky users of Vienna ;-) Best regards

  • Wow, that is great. I love that piece and your performance is excellent.  The non vibrato gives it a real authenticity also.  That piece has three harpsichords?  Fascinating sound!  I would be interested to hear the expert opinion of Beat Kaufman also as he has done a lot of Baroque music.   

  • Hi william, thanks for your compliments. This piece has 4 harpsichords. It is a transcription of a 4 violins concerto of vivaldi. I think i will make the original concerto soon