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  • Export Midi from App sequencer & Chord Matrices?

    The lates update is great-fun and inspiring-

    Is there a way to export midi data from V1 pro2,  e.g. to print parts for players or do some further tinkering in the host DAW?


  • Hello rharman, 

    That´s not an option (yet). 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul,

    It would be VERY useful-

    Keep well,


  • A simple workaround in Logic....

    record the sequenced or chord part in VI/DAW, using whatever articulations or inversions are needed.

    Go to mixer in VI Pro, click the link option-Select first instrument/voice , turn volume down on all others-In Logic's Region window do a "Bounce in place"

    With the new BIP audio file choose "Audio to score" in the Factory window, midi will be output to chosen track. 

    Repeat the process for the other voices...