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  • heat's happen if i broke/lost my vienna key?

    Hi, what's happen if i accidentaly broke or lost my vienna key? the serial number of my products can re-associated to another e-licenser Key? or i can't use the software anymore because the serial numbers of my  licenses can't reload to my key?


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    Hi attla78,

    this is defined by VSL's "Terms of License" (available at the bottom of every page of the website):



    Don’t forget to register ALL of your eLicenser USB Protection Devices at our User Area. This applies to ViennaKeys as well as to eLicenser USB devices not issued by the Vienna Symphonic Library!


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • mmmm 'cause my english is bad i don't understand if after that i have blocked my licenses it will be reload on a new vienna key or not? Can I recuperate them or the licenses are ONLY stored into my vienna key? can you repeat me please :)

  • In short, if you broke the key, you would get new licences. You would have to buy a new key and pay a handling fee.

    If you lost the key you would need to make a claim on your own insurance.