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  • Save issue with Logic pro 8 & VE PRO 5

    I can't get VE PRO 5 to save or load metaframes with my logic projects. I always have to save my logic project first and then go to VEP and save it's metaframe separately. Same thing with loading. The corresponding VEP metaframe won't open when I load my logic project. Why might this be so?

  • It sounds as if you aren't Preserving and saving in the right order. I'm sure I've given detailed instructions quite a few times on this forum, so I'll try to find them for you (to save me typing it out all again!). Alternatively, have you checked the instructions in the manual (I can't remember how it's explained there)?


  • Yes, I've tried to searc through the manuals but at least for now have managed to miss the solution. I also tried to find the answer from the forums but didn't have any more luck finding it there.